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Forèst is a unique kind of work in its genre, and is supposed to be a multi-sensorial show, where all the senses are involved in a reciprocal interaction. The audience - 50 people per performance - will be invited to sit inside a scenery built on the stage of the Teatro Comunale of Bolzano, Italy.


Every spectator will be given a kit of finger food specifically created by Alessandro Gilmozzi, of the best Italian chefs, a specialist in preparing food that is shaped and tastes as it does thanks to ingrediets that come from Trentino woods. The gastronomic experience will be completed by the fanous wine Lagrein Riserva del Podere Provinciale Cantina Laimburg.


The libretto and direction of Forèst are by Volodia Serre. The cast will feature two singers (Laura Catrani, soprano, and Nicholas Isherwood, bass bariton), an actor (Clément Bresson), and two musicians (Pierre Cussac, piano accordion, and Leo Morello, cello). Matteo Franceschini has written the music and will work on the live electronics. Scenes and costumes by Mathias Baudry, lights by Kévin Briard and visual design by Luca and Andrea Franceschini.


The libretto (written in Italian, German, English, French and Trentino dialect) traces an ideal plot that goes through the four seasons and images, memories, literary quotes and culinary associations inspired by the tradition of the Dolomites, UNESCO heritage.


Forèst is produced by Fondazione Orchestra Haydn di Bolzano e Trento, realized in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Comunale and Auditorium di Bolzano, in co-production with Neue Oper Wien and Festival Paris quartier d’été, in collaboration with Arcal-Paris and Podere Provinciale Cantina Laimburg.




Dates and time of shows:

April 16 at 8 pm;

April 17 and 18 at 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm

April 19 at 4.30 pm and 8.30 pm.

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