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This documentary will tell about their meetings at the Haitian Compassion centers, and show the powerful messages, meanings and results of Compassion's mission against poverty.



















Why Compassion?

We've all seen various approaches to breaking the cycle of poverty in children's lives. We've discovered that changed circumstances rarely change people's lives, while changed people inevitably change their circumstances. Many worthy and respectful Associations try to fight poverty and help children around the poorest Countries of the world. But Compassion is different. On average, a child in Compassion sponsorship program spends 4,000 hours in safe, nurturing programs, is at least 50 percent more likely to graduate college, is 14 to 18 percent more likely to have salaried employment and is 35 percent more likely to find white-collar employment as an adult.




















What's new about "one by one"?

The documentary will have an original style as well. The images are taken by using a hand-held shooting technique, which entails an engaging rhythm of editing that puts the viewers right into the reality of Compassion. The places and descriptions of activities will be accompanied by the tales, impressions and emotions of the sponsors who visited their sponsored child. This approach will captivate the attention of the spectators and will take them to live an experience of high value. This approach will get Compassion and the people that still don’t know anything about it closer than ever, thanks to a narrative and storytelling dimension that will capture and sensitize an international audience.

I would really recommend that you consider this outstanding Compassion project as a chance to improve your life of priceless meanings.



Why supporting this film?

Your contribution will be fundamental not only to post-produce this documentary, but especially to make Compassion’s mission and results widely known. This will therefore help each sponsored child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult, demonstrating how a concrete relationship between each sponsor and his/her sponsored child does work.

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