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New music opera by Matteo Franceschini at Teatro Comunale di Bolzano.
Première of [Forèst - food-opera] next April 16 in Bolzano, near the Italian Dolomites.
Music by Matteo Franceschini
LIbretto and direction by Volodia Serre
Sceses and costumes by Mathias Baudry
Lights by Kévin Briard
Video design by Luca et Andrea Franceschini

With Laura Catrani, Nicholas Isherwood, and Clément Bresson
With Pierre Cussac and Leo Morello

For its fourth season, MusicEmotion will bring four concerts of the Filarmonica della Scala Orchestra in cinemas worldwride.

This edition will feauture directors Daniel Harding, Myung-Whun Chung, Georges Pretre and Dennis Russel Davies.


Directed by Andrea Franceschini and Pietro Tagliaferri


Executive producer Saveria Raimondi and Francesca Zambelli

Editorial coordinator Federico Fornoni

A produciton by

Main partner Unicredit


The short movie "La Dame Sans Titre" was officially selected by the 20'15 edition of Ethnografilm International Film Festival, and was screened on April 11th at Cine 13 Theatre, 1 Av. Junot, Paris.



The second Ethnografilm is a moment to cherish for filmmakers, schoalrs, and all those who brought this diverse group to Paris.



The society for Social Studies of Sciences and the International Social Science Council have been instrumental in implementating the vision of a festival to celebrate excellence in movies that enhance our understanding of the social world.

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