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Born and grew up in Trento, Italy, in a wonderful family of musicians.


Started to play the drums (actually they were just pans in the beginning) when I was five, and I took part in my first home-made movie at the age of seven, when my cousin, my brother and myself decided to shoot a personal version of the famous movie “Ghostbusters” (I was Winston).

Repeated this kind of “experiment” shooting a personal version of "The Karate Kid" (part I and part II) with my brother(I was the good boy who wins the tournment), and another science-fiction movie with another friend (a 160 minutes-long home made disaster movie called "The end of the world"; thank God, neither the world nor me have ended yet).


Wrote my first novel (whose title was "The revival of souls") when I was eleven, and my second one at the age of forteen (a 430 pages-long novel titled "The Logan County enigma".


Moved to Milan in 2001.


Wrote my third novel, "As in Heaven so on Earth" in 2009, and finally published it.


I am a son, a brother, a cousin and an uncle. A drummer, a dreamer, an observer and a listener.

I am a shirt, a hoodie, an Italian and a Christian.


When I think about being a "music video writer", I love to think of myself as I’m accepting a challenge: underlining the fundamental values of life through the authenticity and the mystery that live in our hearts. On the other hand, I think that it is very important to have full control of all the means and knowledge gained. I believe that humility and honesty should be some of the rules to act sensibly in the creation of a video, a movie or any other kind of representation; believing is simply about trusting words, and giving them an image can be the most wonderful belief.


By the way, Logan County does actually exist. It is in Nebraska. I've never been there, but I hope to make it one day. Till then, the enigma lives on.

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