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Short Movies

This Is Your Life

Adam, a modern Nabucco willing to behave like the Almighty inventing the life of people just like a screenwriter, receives the surprising visit of a misterious man. For Adam, this is a violation of the arbitrary and relative rules that have always (auto)dominated him and his daughters, Veronica and Maya.
The man seeks to awaken faith, compassion and hope in Adam instead, not to comply with an order, but to make him aware of his mistakes and make him accept his own humanity.
Viewers may find themselves in this path of images as well. The multiple levels of interpretation on which this short movie is built offer a re-reading of the opera "Nabucco", but also an opportunity to look inward, to examine our own choices, and embrace the freedom to live another life.


Directed and edited by Andrea Franceschini


© Andrea Franceschini, 2014

La Dame Sans Titre

This work tells about the personality of Marie Duplessis, a young Parisian courtesan who lived in Paris from 1838 until 1847 and whom Alexandre Dumas Son looked at to create the character of Marguerite Gautier, protagonist of "The Lady of the Camellias". Later, this plot became the basis for the libretto of Verdi’s "La Traviata".
The documentary aims to tell her story through the voice of three actresses, each one of them represents the real, literary and theatrical “version” of Marie, which contributed in the creation of a “myth”.

Directed and edited by Andrea Franceschini


© Andrea Franceschini, 2013

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