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Custom solutions for your ideas

My name is Andrea Franceschini. I'm an Italian independent filmmaker. My background includes in-depth studies and several years of works in the field of music as well as video production for theatrical projects and documentary films about music, arts and social issues. I studied ten years at the Conservatory of Music of my city in Italy, and then obtained a BA in Communication, an MA in Film Studies, an MFA in Scriptwriting and a PhD in Communication in Milan.

Both as a storyteller and a filmmaker with an International and eclectic background, I would love to support your company in developing strategies for conceptualizing and producing stories about your company and across a range of disciplines, which may draw not only on its past experience but also on its own future productions. I serve as a corporate freelance video producer and hire a range of freelance video techs to help with my productions: co-producers, assistants, DPs, audio techs, editors.

There's a custom solution for any audiovisual production you may need.

Please click on the Contact buttom at the right top for further requests, or on the images below to read either my bio or skills.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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