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  • Expertise with media writing, media management, and media production

  • Significant professional experience as a video producer and editor at a complex knowledge-based organization and media industries

  • Ability to provide technical skills, creativity, and to carry out assigned multi-tasks in a live production environment

  • Professional experience in multimedia production, online communication, and social media for projects int'ly broadcasted

  • Excellent communication, writing, interpersonal, and organizational skills

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and develop suitable solutions within established time frame and to handle multiple projects and deadlines

  • Experience working at a college and university level


Degree: Dottorato (PhD) – Communication and New Technologies

Institution: Università IULM, Milan, Italy - 2013


Degree: Master (MFA) – Screenwriting and producing for film and TV

Institution: Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, Milan, Italy - 2010


Degree: Laurea di secondo livello (MA) – TV, Film and Media Production

Institution: Università IULM, Milan, Italy - 2008


Degree: Laurea di primo livello (BA) – Sciences of Communication

Institution: Università IULM, Milan, Italy - 2005


Degree: Diploma di Maturità (High School Diploma) – Music

Institution: Liceo Artistico Bonporti, Trento, Italy - 2001


Degree: Compimento Medio (Intermediate Diploma) – Percussions

Institution: Conservatorio Bonporti, Trento, Italy - 2001


Best short movie editing for "This Is Your Life",

Cinema Doc Film Festival of Rome, Italy, 2015


Academic honor from Università IULM for PhD,

Milan, Italy - 2013


Fellowship from Università IULM,

Milan, Italy - 2010, 2011, 2012


Fellow of the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema,

Milan, Italy - 2009


Academic honor from Università IULM for MA,

Milan, Italy - 2008

  • Knowledge of and experience with various video and audio formats, technologies, video and audio compression, post production, delivery requirements, video capture and encoding

  • Knowledge of hardware and software required for video and audio conversion and compression

  • Skilled expertise in operating Video Cameras, SLRs, EFP, lighting equipment, sound recording equipment, composing sequential shots, and editing

  • Skilled knowledge of 2D animation

  • Skilled knowledge of the Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative

  • Skilled knowledge of video-mapping for theater-shows and operas

  • Demonstrated ability to find and produce good stories in multimedia

  • Extensive knowledge of Mac-based and Windows computers

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