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For the fourth year MusicEmotion brings the great symphonic concerts of the Filarmonica della Scala in the best cinemas, with the high quality of the DCP. Over the past few years concerts conducted by Daniel Harding, Myung-Whun Chung, Georges Pretre and Dennis Russel Davies Christoph Eschenbach, Daniel Harding, Fabio Luisi, Bobby McFerrin and Georges Prêtre have been broadcast.


MusicEmotion, under the direction of Pietro Tagliaferri, allows the audiences of cinemas to immerse themselves into the music, dragged by the director and the orchestra. Following the concert and the backstage of the event, you are surrounded by an exciting musical experience, a 360-degree view at the highest quality.


All concerts since the first season, are introduced by Francesco Micheli and enriched by special contributions and exclusive interviews with orchestra leaders, soloists and musicians of the Filarmonica della Scala, directed by Andrea Franceschini.


In 2014 season a significant innovation: the original photographic concepts of the project has been entrusted exclusively to Oliviero Toscani. All the protagonists of the Filarmonica della Scala are portrayed through the eyes of a great interpreter of the Italian photography and communication, a different way to communicate an orchestra, his work and his “humanity.”


MusicEmotion broadcasts all of the four evenings in DCP 2k (high resolution), giving the viewer the cinematographic experience of the great concert movie of the Filarmonica della Scala with the best of the image and the best sound. Pannonia Entertainment distributes to cinemas across Hungary, Czeck Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece.


MusicEmotion transforms the concerts in musical shows for an audience without boundaries.

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